• “Just a Sigh” poster


    Just a Sigh

    Gabriel Byrne and Emmanuelle Devos deliver stunning performances in this feature drama, set during a short break between shows in Calais, when stage actress Alix makes a quick escape to Paris. On the train, she meets a mysterious English stranger.

  • “The Rider and the Storm” poster


    The Rider and the Storm

    Timmy Brennan is a New York iron worker who escapes the grind of the city through his true passion, surfing. But when Superstorm Sandy destroys his home in Breezy Point, Timmy loses everything - including his board.

  • “SOLD OUT - Opening Night Film & Reception: Living on One Dollar” poster


    SOLD OUT - Opening Night Film & Reception: Living on One Dollar

    How do 1.1 billion people around the world live on less than one dollar a day? Four young friends set out to research and live this reality. Armed with only a video camera and a desire to understand, they spend just 56 dollars each for 56 days in rural Pena Blanca, Guatemala.

  • “Good Men” poster


    Good Men

    On an afternoon before an Oscar party, Ed Asner and Mark Rydell, long-time friends and colleagues, get into a serious argument about the Holocaust, conspiracy allegations and the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Event note: mature content, language

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