Our Story

We have a core belief that story can change the world and we've built a film festival around it.

A Unique Festival

Intelligent story not only entertains, but it truly can change the world. A well-told story captures our imagination, makes us laugh, forces us to reflect, and inspires transformation. And so the purpose of the Washington West Film Festival is to celebrate innovative and impassioned film that will both comfort and challenge our audiences who, in turn, can make lasting, tangible differences in our world. At Washington West, we will screen and, in many cases, premiere some of the finest independent films from all around the world in three in-competition categories: dramatic features, documentary features, and short films. As we mature, we will expand our programming to include major Hollywood studio releases, giving established filmmakers the opportunity to unveil their story before a conscientious audience in one of the world's most influential cities. We want to connect artists - emerging and renowned - with audiences who are eager for a unique cinematic experience, and together, make the world a little bit brighter.

  • Invested in our Vision

    We give 100% of our regular screening box office net proceeds every year to a project or team that works to solve a problem of hunger, education, disease, or displacement - in our city and around the world.

  • Movie Theater in Port au Prince

    In 2011, we directed our entire regular screening box office profit toward the construction of a school and theater for children in Haiti.

  • Story Project led by David Darg

    David Darg, filmmaker and Advisory Board Member, leads the Washington West charitable project, offering creative guidance and film-capture leadership. Our projects must be filmable and offer tangible aid to communties in need.

A Diverse Location

Welcome to our Nation's Capital

Washington D.C.

A powerful city with a dynamic and diverse population. Monuments, memorials, and museums make Washington D.C. an iconic destination, one which will be complimented by the presence of our new and evolutive film festival.

Beautiful Northern Virginia

Reston and the Greater DC Region

Bowtie Cinemas at Reston Town Center and the Angelika Mosaic Film Center & Cafe in Fairfax serve as two of our elegant and reputable screening venues, facilitating for our filmmakers and audiences a memorable movie-going experience.

Wine Country

Distinctive Wines, Distinctive Movies

In a barrel room or under the stars, enjoy an intimate screening at one of the award-winning wineries in Northern Virginia. What better way to celebrate story than with a cozy night of compelling film, noble wine, and an audience of storytellers.

We hold in highest regard and look forward to spotlighting films that provoke us to dream and question what we know to be true. Films that inspire us to see the potential of what could be and that ultimately paint a unique picture of the raw human condition.

Just a few miles west of our nation's capital, a remarkable story is being written - and we invite YOU to enter the story with us. Join our team, join our audience, join our network of filmmakers. Become a part of the journey to elevate Washington West as a premier celebration of story, one that is integral to the culture and community of the DC region and independent cinema. Enter our story and help us change the world, one film at a time.